MNM Presents: GLINT
7:00 PM19:00

MNM Presents: GLINT


Performances by Isabelle Duthoit/Franz Hautzinger (France/Austria) and Samuel Pankhurst.

Thursday, February 8th at Jugglers Art Space - doors at 7, music from 7:30. $15 entry.

Isabelle Duthoit/Franz Hautzinger (France/Austria)

Isabelle Duthoit and Franz Hautzinger use breath as the medium behind their music, performing a nuanced and detailed exploration of texture and harmony that is filtered, shaped and amplified through trumpet, clarinet and voice. 
The two are virtuosos whose instrumental control navigates beauty through magnifying the minute. Their improvisations are patient and slow, allowing for a contemplative listen to these sound objects. Rather than focusing on counterpoint or rhythmic dialog, they work together blending layers into a singular sound phrase. What would seem quietly austere from other performers proves as powerfully expressive work from them.

Samuel Pankhurst (Australia)

Samuel Pankhurst is a bassist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is best known for his extensive work with the late Australian icon Allan Vincent Browne OAM, as well as trumpet iconoclast Scott Tinkler.

As a long time member of the Australian Art Orchestra he has premiered new commissioned works by Alvin Lucier, Erik Griswold, Peter Knight, and Nicole Lizée.

Currently Sam is busy with his experimental studio pop project Magic Person, celebrated improv piano trio The Wild with Erik Griswold and Richard Daniell, post-hardcore improv trio Porscha featuring Stefano Roselli, and a telepathic Vibraphone/Bass duo with Vanessa Tomlinson.

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MNM Presents: Found
to Dec 17

MNM Presents: Found

MADE NOW MUSIC presents: Found

Performances from three artists, each with a creative practice investigating found objects.

Saturday, December 16th at Jugglers Art Space - doors at 7, music from 7:30. Three sets. $15 entry.

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones (album launch)

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones is a diverse musician who is passionate about percussion performance, research and education. Her strong love for improvisation and chamber music has seen her work as a freelance musician with many groups including Clocked Out Duo, Speak Percussion and Southern Cross Soloists. Interested in interdisciplinary art forms and has premiered and toured shows such as Graeme Murphy’s work “Suite Synergy” nationally. She is also a core member of the newly founded Early Warning System ensemble, created by Michael Askill and Vanessa Tomlinson.

Jodie Rottle

Jodie Rottle is a flutist specialising in contemporary music. Currently based in Australia, Jodie maintains an eclectic career performing and composing chamber music around the world. Jodie has given premieres of classical, jazz, and cross-art form works at venues including New York’s Le Poisson Rouge, The Centre for Fiction NYC, the Brisbane Festival of Toy Music, and the boiler room of Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Laura Burstow

Laura Burstow is an instrument builder who uses found materials to create sculptural forms. Her sound based practice is driven by her classical music training and guided by her creative arts study.

Her practice-based research explores how sonic activation of materials can have a transformative outcome and how asking musicians to play sculptural instruments without instruction can develop intuitive playing techniques.

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MNM presents: Solos (Double Album Launch)
to Nov 19

MNM presents: Solos (Double Album Launch)

MADE NOW MUSIC presents Solos - a label and double album launch featuring performances by Brisbane composer-performers Andrew Ball and Brodie Mcallister.

Friday November 17th at Jugglers Art Space - doors at 7, music from 7:30. Three sets, $15 entry.


Andrew Ball is an Australian saxophonist and composer. He is currently tenor saxophonist and resident composer with Barega Saxophone Quartet, His Merry Men, and Bullhorn brass band. Andrew has been featured soloist with Divertimenti strings performing Bennett’s Concerto for Stan Getz, and with the Queensland Wind Orchestra performing the Maslanka Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, as well as Williams’ Catch Me If You Can. 

He has recently completed large-scale commissions for ensembles including The Australia Ensemble, Hourglass Ensemble, Collusion, Australian Saxophone Orchestra, and Queensland Youth Orchestras. His playing and composition is featured on two full-length albums of new Australian music by Barega SQ, and a new album of extended and prepared solo saxophone titled Forbidden Languages.

Internationally, Andrew has premiered compositions in France, Scotland, Italy and Greece, including at the WSCXVI 2012, and SaxOpen 2015. With a uniquely kinetic, intricate and colourful compositional voice, Andrew draws inspiration from an eclectic variety of contemporary avant-garde, folk, improvised, and electronic musics. His compositional approach consistently extends the capabilities of performers, exploits and reimagines the idiosyncrasies of instruments, and aims to challenge attitudes and ideologies surrounding the limits of context and genre.


Brodie McAllister is an improviser, trombonist, composer, teacher and events organiser from Brisbane, Australia. His artistic practice is concerned with exploring the intersection between improvisation and notation, hyper-extended instrumental techniques, composer-performer collaboration and community connections.

His career highlights include: premieres from Kupka’s Piano, WAYJO and The Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra with performances alongside ELISION, BULLHORN, Clocked Out, Lawrence English (Cruel Optimism) and the stairwell project. 

Brodie contiunes to expand his musical language through his work as a soloist and ongoing collaborations with: Hannah Reardon-Smith, Andrew Ball, Tom Robb, and Eigengrau Brass Trio.

This concert will feature 2 solo sets from Andrew and Brodie followed by a combined duo performance.

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MNM presents: Duets
7:00 PM19:00

MNM presents: Duets

MADE NOW MUSIC presents three duos, working across various acoustic and electronic formats.


Zicla is a project by duo Cao Thanh Lan (Vietnam) – Gregor Siedl (Austria) with electro-acoustic compositions and composed improvisations for prepared zither, clarinet and electronics.

2. Vanessa Tomlinson and John Ferguson

Vanessa Tomlinson is one of Australia's foremost percussionists, active in the fields of solo percussion, contemporary chamber music, improvisation, installation and composition.

John Ferguson is a post-digital/electronic musician based in Brisbane Australia where he is Senior Lecturer and Head of Music Technology at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. Prior to this he was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Music Department at Brown University (USA), and before that a Lecturer in Music and Creative Music Technologies at Kingston University (UK).

3. Hannah Reardon-Smith and Brodie McAllister

Hannah Reardon-Smith (Australia/Belgium) is flutist and co-artistic director of Australian ensemble Kupka’s Piano. She is heavily involved with the creation of new music by emerging Australian, Asian, American and European composers, and with cross-continental performances and exchanges of these works. In addition, she is a keen improviser and composer, and a founding member of improvisation trio Rogue Three (Brisbane/Melbourne: flutes, trombone, and recorders) and the community improvisation and sonic nuisance collective Musicians for the Sonic Liberation of Brisbane.

Brodie McAllister is an improviser, trombonist, composer, teacher and events organiser from Brisbane, Australia. His artistic practice is concerned with exploring improvisation, hyper-extended instrumental techniques, intensive performer-composer collaboration and community connections.

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